Luxury cars are something that most of the car lover’s dream of buying it one day. When given a choice between a new car or a luxury car, many people get confused where to invest their hard-earned money.

Benefits of used Luxury Car

An awesome design and finish:

Luxury cars offered at Mercedes dealer looks amazingly impressive. They are made with superior quality materials, such as soft plastics, walnut wood trim, and aluminum inserts. Their engines are comparatively larger and generate more power. Their styling is also better.

Less depreciation:

Used luxury car has been observed as less depreciation and so offer fewer tax write-offs.

Exemplary Features

A luxury car whether new or used is anytime better than an ordinary new car. A used luxury car is loaded with a lot of additional safety, automatic climate control, comfort, speed, leather seats, quick and easy navigation, a rearview camera, entertainment etc. that you won’t find it in any ordinary new car.

There are a few more options such as traction control, cruise control, adjustable seats, anti-lock-brakes, steering wheel, and multiple airbags that you are sure to find on any standard Mercedes-Benz.

Advantages of a New Non-Luxury Vehicle

Perfect condition:

As it is a new car, all its parts and machinery will be in a perfect condition. It will be in the best working condition and the mileage offered by it would also be good.

Longer warranty:

New cars generally come with a minimum of 3 years of warranty. This will ensure that the car will save you from expense on repairs for atleast three years.

Better incentives:

The new vehicle comprises of incentives that can reduce its price or can also lower its interest rate. Rate of Interest is generally higher in case of used vehicles.

Less maintenance:

The need of servicing and maintenance is less in new car as compared to used cars. Maintenance is only needed in terms of tire rotations and oil changes.


Higher depreciation:

A new car comprises about 21 percent of highest depreciation in initial years of its introduction in the market.

Plain look

With an ordinary new vehicle, you will have to settle with a plain ordinary look. You can’t expect an outstanding appearance and an utmost comfort as you get in a luxury vehicle.


Take adequate time to make priorities of what attributes do you value in your car. Car purchase is always an emotional decision, so weigh the benefits and disadvantages and then arrive at a decision.

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