Honda very recently released the second installment of their much-awaited sedan car – Honda Amaze. This is arguably the best second gen upgrade of any other vehicle ever to hit the consumer market in India. One major reason for this to be true is because the Japanese company thinks that releasing it during the 2018 Auto Expo was their best decision yet (prior to what was scheduled). Apparently, this car is truly capable of promising the best things for the company. With all the features that’ve been upgraded from the previous gen model, this car is a bang for the buck and definitely threatens the domestic automobile market’s giants. But if you’re absolutely new to the automobile world, worry not, for this article is aimed at helping you understand all the differences in this gens model and how drastically the changes were made. To better understand, the entirety of this article should be divided based on sections which have changed so you can read accordingly. Here are the five major things which were changed with this latest generational refresh.

The improved features

  • Design – Overall outlook of the 2018 2nd generation Honda Amaze took a very radical and robust change, forcing the car to look very sleek, toned, and swift. The rear sector of the car has been drastically compacted and slimmed down to look more aesthetic. The boot meets the entire back section of the car seamlessly, and the entire streamlined body looks flawlessly designed. The car is standardized in terms of the equipment and parts it uses and this has also allowed it to use the minimal resources. Due to this, the volume of the car has substantially increased than what it was before.
  • Engine – While the main two engine options haven’t really been upgraded to offer a significant power or efficiency boost. Nonetheless, the overall implementation of the variable engines has made it possible for customers to choose from two types of engines, be it the petrol car or the diesel one. Both the types have a very decent consumption rate and hence offer a very smooth yet powerful experience while driving. However, the diesel ones transmission output is just a tad bit lower than what is offered by the petrol one.
  • Transmission – Now this is an area where a lot has changed, as the new gen Amaze offers the CVT transmission now for lesser known diesel model too. To further better this effort, it also introduces a “Low Mode” which offers the most optimum torque needed by the car.
  • Efficiency – The new gen model absolutely nails the fuel efficiency sector as the manual petrol model offers a minimum of 19.5kmpl and works up strategically to offer a stunning 8kmpl for diesel manual model of the car.
  • Insides – Even the interiors of this magnificent sedan are slightly upgraded to match the entire redesign of the automobile.

All these new features or improvements over the previous ones make the next gen Honda Amaze one of the best buy sedan in its sector right now.

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